One click upgrade wordpress

I have been running wordpress 2.5 and decided today to use the 2.7 one click update. I received an email saying it failed to back up my site, then a second email saying the upgrade had been completed. Now I canot log into the admin section as it says my password is incorrect and my blog has reset to a strange theme and no posts are visible. I think I have lost everything. Someone know what I can do, I have searched and searched and all I can come up with is clear the cach ane cookies and that did not work. The site address is

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


You can either go back to the old setup, or try to make this work.

To revert, FTP into your domain and rename to and to

Then go to the panel under Goodies -> Manage MySQL and Restore your database to a previous date. Pick the option to keep the table names and rename the old ones to something like tablename_date

To fix the one you have, FTP to your site and make sure that the new wp-config.php file looks somewhat like the one in the .old directory. If you have special plugins or themes you added to the old site’s wp-content directory, copy them from the .old setup to the current one.