One click upgrade of WP to 2.6 kills categories

I posted a problem at the WordPress site and wanted to run it by here as well just in case. You can read the detailed problem here

the quick version: I upgrade to 2.6 from 2.1.3 (? I think) and now some very bizarre behaviors related to categories are manifesting



Due to my short attention span, I only skimmed the linked post. Can you edit categories through wp-admin? The post only seemed to have issues with the template and/or URL rewrite. It wouldn’t surprise me if 2.6 was such a significant upgrade that 2.1.3 templates won’t be entirely compatible. Have you tried using a newer template?


people with short attention spans miss stuff :wink:

I did the upgrade in the development space and it worked fine with the same template and plugins.

Thanks for giving it a (quick) look though :slight_smile:


My short attention span didn’t reach the bottom. But you didn’t post your admin password (surprise!), so I couldn’t look around.

I have some thoughts:
• It’s running an older version of Apache. WordPress doesn’t list any Apache requirements, which I actually consider a bit odd. Your Apache2 install works fine.
• Have you tried changing the Permalink structure? I believe that “Default” is how it’s really referenced. My no-Permalink site has no .htaccess, while my Permalinked site does. Not that this really addresses the Category issue, though.
• When you upgraded the One-Click, did it throw you to the Update Database routine? Did your dev site follow the same 2.1.3 to 2.6 path?
• Try manually browsing your database with phpMyAdmin to check the Category listing to check if they’re still intact.
• Have you tried turning off all caching?
• When all else fails, did you try the detailed upgrade instructions?


At some point, Wordpress merged post & link categories and changed up some of the functions. It was awhile ago and I don’t remember if it was before or after the old version you’re upgrading from.

I don’t think it affected stock default theme layouts, but if you were using the functions to display links a certain way, that would go screwy.

If I remember correctly, I had one site where I called the links by category in different parts of the page. After the upgrade, those sections just listed all links and made it a mess, so I had to update the function usage in the theme.

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