One Click Staging Area

Something to consider:

"One of the many reasons we recommend WP Engine to host your WordPress
site is that all their plans include this killer feature ” a
one-click staging area that instantly creates a complete
copy of your site in its own separate playground” location.

You can make whatever changes you like to your site, play with new
plugins, or experiment with your theme files and CSS. No one else will
see it (unless you choose to share the private URL with them, that is).

When you are happy with your changes, another simple click copies
your staging site back to the live server.

Update: SiteGround has recently added this feature to their own
managed WordPress hosting plan"

Yeah that would be really great. I too miss a staging area to work out changes online before moving them to production. To have this as a built in feature on offer for VPS, and or DreamCompute and definitely for DreamPress.

Absolutely. Would love to see this feature from Dreampress, since theme upgrades, plug-in upgrades, etc. can often be problematic. A straightforward way to set up a staging site would be a huge help.

Yes, it’s a hard sell sometimes on a team project to insist on DH hosting when one or more team members is enchanted by automated migration from Dev/Staging to Prod. Definitely a feature that shows commitment to “grown up” website deployments.

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And I still have not read anything new on this. Also not for DreamPress. Still hoping they will get to this sooner rather than later.

Yes, I also really liked this feature

I’m trying to tweak some existing code which uses staging area and it seems very confusing. After reading TF documentation, it seems like it’s some fancy way to “feed_dict” into a session, but I can’t make sense of what exactly it’s doing

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