One-Click should manage "after the fact" installs

I’ve set up several WordPress sites on my domains. Because of development needs, often I create these on a separate subdomain (or even a separate server, e.g. a local dev machine) and then transfer them to their final “home” on DreamHost when I am ready to launch the site.

The unfortunate consequence of that is that I now have a number of WP sites which are not recognized as such by the One-Click Installer. So I currently am going in to all the control panels by hand and updating the WordPress installs myself (3.5.1 was just released). That’s not awful, but there are some great benefits to the unattended auto-upgrades that I could get with the One-Click Installer (customers don’t need me to always have an admin account in their site, security updates can be released very quickly, etc.).

I know there are other (and commercial) options for this type of thing, but it would be really cool if DreamHost allowed you to “submit” a WordPress site that you had manually installed to the One-Click Installer, so that DH could take over the routine management stuff for you.

The one problem with allowing the dreamhost bot to upgrade is sometimes the success email contains a phrase like…

What I didn’t test the last time that happaned is if the site was up, or offline until the database table upgrade…

That was written by a friend of mine, and I’ve been experimenting with it on small (less annoying to me if they go down briefly) sites.

I prefer getting email alerts for updates, so I can go, make a backup, and then upgrade :slight_smile: I’m a neurotic by nature.

I checked that the last time it happened to me, and the site was running fine. It’s definitely cryptic, though; DH, if nothing else please fix that message. :slight_smile:

Maybe that’s a quality I should adopt. :slight_smile: Adding a database & site backup to the ‘Automatic Update’ plugin might be a good use of one’s spare time…