One-click Joomla install fails

Here is the error I get:

INTERNAL ERROR CREATING DB: could not find available service: mysql. Please let support know!


I have heard that the version of joomla on the one click install isn’t the latest version. Why don’t you download the current version and install it manually? You gotta learn sometime :wink:

Anyhow, looks like mysql may have been having a bad moment. Try again. I’m working on my site and it stops responding for me every now and again…

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Yeah… I was going to do the manual setup… but I figured I would do the one-click setup… (because it sets up all the MySQL / DNS stuff) and then do the upgrade patch.

That error pops up from time to time. For some reason, the script that’s going to create your database is unable to communicate with ther server it chose to host your database, so it returns an error. If you try again, it should work.


Yeah… a few hours later it did work.