One-click installs

Okay running into a bit of a snag. I did the one-click install for a domain that is registered through GoDaddy but is fully hosted through dreamhost. I received the confirmation email Success installing WordPress on your site! It asked me to create an admin user at the linked the gave. When I go to click on it it takes me to GoDaddy’s this page is parked here blah blah blah. So anyone have any hints or tips on what I possibly could do to get over this little bump in the road?

If you have added the domain at dreamhost, and the status in the dreamhost panel is “fully hosted” that does not mean that the site is available from the internet. If the DNS/nameservers still point to godaddy then that is where anyone accessing from the site will be sent.

If you have recently made the required DNS/nameserver changes then you could just be waiting for that information to propagate which could take anywhere from a few minutes all the way up to 72 hours worldwide (mostly it’s around 4-6 hours, but that’s not a guarantee).

Once again, if you tell us what domain you are talking about we can be alot more helpful.

To add to LakeRat’s post, yup, it looks like is still pointing to GoDaddy:

[quote] Domain Name: REALAGLEARNING.COM
Name Server: NS52.DOMAINCONTROL.COM[/quote]

That is, if is the domain you’re referring to (I took a peek into your account). :wink:

This should help if you want to move both your domain registration and your hosting to us:

That’s the one. I take it i’ll have to wait till the 60 day is up before transferring, which I am going to do.

You can still point the domain to DreamHost before you transfer it. For details, see:

The nameservers you want to set are,, and

Thanks Andrew… I had only put in the first 2 and forgot to add the third one!
I got the nameservers changed over to the the correct ones. However still have the problem it going to godaddy

That’s DNS propagation at work; It can take anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple days for the new DNS records to take effect, and for your site to be recognized by all networks worldwide. However, I do see the fresh WordPress installation on your site, so it seems like it’s on its way! You can follow your site’s propagation here:

Also, you can try clearing your browser cache and/or flushing DNS from your DreamHost web panel in the meantime at Manage Domains > Refresh DNS for now?

It is now up and running!! Thanks everyone!