One-Click Installs


I’m new to DH and am trying to manage a new domain. I want to try using the One-Click Installs. I want to install the Gallery first, then perhaps a couple of others. but I’m unsure about the fields at the bottom of the page:

Do I need to make a new database for each install, or can I share just one for everything? I don’t have any databases yet, so should I create it here? Any advice on naming and managing the database(s)?

Do I have to create a new Hostname for the Gallery? And will I need to do the same for each of the installs?

Must I create a new username for this, or can I use my shell/ftp login?

Can I leave any of these fields blank? Can I specify an existing dabase or hostname or username in these fields (they all seem to imply creating a new one)?

I searched the support wiki for answers or a tutorial, but couldn’t find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


you can if you want use the same database but it may be better to use a different database name for each install, particularly if you are experimenting, as it makes backups easier and keeps the data seperate for each so if one goes wrong it doesn’t affect the others. Probably easiest to set up a database for each with a single host name and a single username and just create different databases that username can then access any of the databases.

If you mean for the databases you can if you want create a different hostname for each install or use the same for all.

you need to create at least one new database username, this is seperate to your ftp/shell name you may be able to create it to be the same though if it makes things easier.

For each you can use an existing database, username or hostname or you can choose to create them new for each specific install.

Basically as long as you have a hostname, databasename and username for each you can set it up in whatever way you are most comfortable with

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Thank you for the reply, monkeyboy7706, and thanks for your suggestions on managing the databases. I’m new to server and database administration (and DH), so your help is much appreciated.

Please correct me if I’m understanding this incorrectly:

If I don’t need/want to create a new database for each install, I have to at least specify the name of an existing database in the “New Database Name” field. In other words, this field is required for all One Click Installs, and cannot be left blank; either a new or existing database name must be entered for One Click Installs… in which case, the word ‘NEW’ in that field description is misleading. Right?

I do not need to create a new hostname for each One Click Install - I can leave this field blank, or I can specify an existing hostname if I want. It’s not required for One Click Installs. To me it appears like creating a new hostname creates a new subdomain for the specifed domain in the drop-down menu there. Is that right, or does this do something other than create a new subdomain (if at all)?

The username field on this page is for the database ONLY, and if I use an existing database, I can leave this blank, but if I create a database here, I need to specify a username for it. In other words, the new username is only REQUIRED if a new database is created during the One Click Install process.

I do not need to create new separate databases, hostnames, or usernames. The only REQUIRED fields are “Install to” and “New Database Name”, and the “New” Database Name can be an existing “old” one if I want.

That’s how I’m understanding it so far. Does any of that sound wrong?