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Why are there so few applications available via one-click installs?

The one-click install versions also seem to be pretty far behind the latest.

I could understand the need to use only “stable” versions of the software. However, you could just stick with an old version if that was the case (by not running a one-click install of the latest).


One click installs are added onto bit by bit. It’s not exactly a version thing, like fantastico - it’s all cutom written by the Dreamhost people. It’s fairly easy to install whatever software you’d like on your own. Most packages are very easy to install your self, and you can search this forum and the wiki to see if it’s been done before.

Also, you can always put in a sigguestion for a new one-click install, and it might very well get added.

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We have specifically chosen the one-click installs we have based on their popularity, stability, etc. We do also add new ones regularly. We only support one of each ‘type’ of application at a time, though… so only one blog, one CMS, etc. We feel that policy provides the highest level of service.

Which of the one-clicks are behind the latest version? We update them regularly.

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some hosting companies do not offer this service, it is a high maintainance thing and costs money.

be appreciative.


I don’t think it’s a point of being appreciate or not viqas, I think these people are just lazy and want everything updated for them all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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