One click installs

I usually install scripts myself, but wanted to give the one-click installs a try, in part so I could recommend DH to less techy clients. Are they working for most users?

First, I tried Gallery2. The installer created the database and put the files in the right place. But I never received an email from DH about it (waited overnight) so I ended up downloading the files from sourceforge anyway, to take a look at the structure and docs. I went to the install page and proceeded to complete the install. It was easy for me, but might be confusing for someone not familiar with loading scripts. Certinally wouldn’t call it “one-click.” All works now, but is this how it is supposed to work?

I also tried to install Mambo/Joomla with the installer. While the one-click created the database and said it was successful in the installation, it has yet to actually create the directory or install the files where it was directed (again, gave it overnight). No email, and I don’t think it’s going to do anything.

Has this been working? Am I missing something?

Hmm, to reply to my earlier post. Tried another account and everything seemed to work as expected including getting the emails (emails definitley help). First account eventually got the mambo installed --ran the cone-click again – but still no email (even though it’s supposed to go to the same address).

My next question for DH would be how the upgrade path will go for Joomla, from Mambo. They just released 1.01 (think that’s the version no.)