One-Click Installs Page Shows Wrong Status

[color=#2F4F4F]When I click on the One-Click Installs page, it shows 5 of my domains with WordPress installed. However, one of my domains is missing. Plus, one domain it does show, has a “Needs 1 Update” status for WP 3.8.1. But, that install is already updated to 3.8.1.

My biggest concern is the domain that is missing. Scary.


The ‘Needs one update’ is a bug we’re working on. Basically since WP auto-updates minor releases, the checker tool needs some retooling to be less of a tool.

Is the 5k domain the one that’s missing? I only see five listed on our backend as well.

LOL. Yes, less of a “tool” would be nice.
The missing domain is It is updated to WP 3.8.1 and working fine, and currently used for development. It is temporarily mirrored at

Anyway, not a big deal - as long as you guys are aware.

It’ll catch up at the next Major Realease (though that isn’t till April, give or take)