"One-click installs " not work!

I tried to use the one-click installs to install something like webcalendar, but received a unsuccessful installed message and I tried some other applications and all not work!!


Sounds like something you should report to Support.

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What was the message you got back from dreamhost? perhaps there is a clue in there as to what the problem is? Maybe if you were a little more explanatory we could be more helpful.

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Agreed. Hard to say what the problem is without the actual error or what apps you were trying to install.

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I received the following message:

From: DreamHost Installer Robot support@dreamhost.com
Subject: There was an error while installing webcalendar on your site!

We were unable to set up webcalendar as requested at:

The problem was we couldn’t download the webcalendar installation files!
(We were looking at /home/epeefoiler/memoplace.dreamhosters.com/webcalendar/webcalendar.tar.gz … path was /home/epeefoiler/memoplace.dreamhosters.com/webcalendar/. and remapped_path was /webcalendar)
Please wait a little bit and attempt to re-install it again later.

Please correct this and go to our web panel and re-submit your
webcalendar installation request.

Thanks, and sorry about that!
The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot

Have you tried installing it again like it suggested? If not this is certainly one for support, but I’m guessing it’s already been fixed.

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Hi I tried tons times, but still faied.

I emailed the support team and they said that this problem should be already fixed, but actually not. Another problem I came across is that my server seems doesn’t support Zend Optimizer. I also contacted the support team and they said my server have already installed the Zend Optimizer. However, I keep receiving "Attention: Zend Optimizer not Installed " (http://www.memoplace.dreamhosters.com/discuz/)

I replied their email tell them the problems still unfixed and still waiting their reply.


Hi all,

I just found that this problem have been fixed.


Thanks for updating on that! I love it when we can kind of wrap up a thread like this so we don’t leave people hanging.

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