One Click Installs and PHP

I noticed that some of the one click install say either PHP 5 required or PHP 4 required. Does this mean that I can either use one or the other depending on which PHP version I have installed, or can I use it all as long as I have PHP 5 installed?


The “new” display of “on-click” applications, showing the logos, is not quite a “self-explanatory” as the old version, even though it is a lot prettier. :wink:

On the current “one-click” screen, if no note is displayed you can run the application under either PHP4 or PHP5. If a note is displayed, the application requires the indicated version of PHP.

Both versions of PHP are available for you to choose for a given domain via the Manage Domains screen (select “edit” beside the domain name, and check the appropriate radio button).


hmmm… So it’s pretty much either, or. Is there any way around this other than getting another domain? I could install an older version of mediawiki…


I am not sure, but I think you are referring to running multiple one-click install scripts, with different PHP requirements, on the one domain. If so, then yes, that could be a problem.

One work-around would be to install the scripts to sub-domains. For example, put your forum on and your gallery on Remember, under the DreamHost system, sub-domains are treated pretty much the same as full domains and you can specify the PHP version to be used by them, independent of the parent domain.


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Mark’s suggestion about using subdomains is what I would suggest, and I think it would be a good way to deal with potentially conflicting .htaccess files. :wink: .

There is another approach you could take, which is to run your domain as PHP5 and then run any applications that require PHP4 under mod_php as described in this thread from