One Click Install

Hi, please excuse my ignorance, but trust me when I say this is SO not my day job. I do my church web site in my spare time, and I recognize that I am probably trying to do more than my knowledge allows.

That said, I want to use some of the One-Click Install items (particularly WordPress, phpbb and WebCalendar), but I can’t seem to figure out how to install them.

I have created subdomains for each of them (, and calendar.mysite.dom), so I select the appropriate subdomain addy in the Install to FIELD. But then the whole create a database, create a new hostname, create a username stuff totally confuses me.

Can someone offer a remedial It’s Monday version of what to do next?

Peace and Blessings!

I have a little too much of a headache right now to do your post justice, but unless you’re concerned about multiple administrative logins, you just need:

  1. One mysql server hostname for all your sites.
  2. One mysql administrator for all your sites.
  3. You do need to pick a database name for each install.

So for instance, if you just have one site, you can pick:

  2. sqladmin as the username, choose your own password, please!
  3. mysite_wordpress as the database name for your wordpress account, mysite_phpbb as the database name for your phpbb site, and mysite_webcalendar as the database name for WebCalendar site. Alternatively, you could choose short cryptic acronyms like some techie!

In short, it doesn’t really matter what you pick, it just has to be a convention that makes sense to you.

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Very good advice from lensman! One other point: make sure you have the appropriate version of PHP selected for each subdomain. Most notably, WebCalendar requires PHP4, the other two will run under either PHP4 or PHP5 (I suggest using PHP5) :wink: .