One click install - where are the files?


So, I figured I’d make things easy on myself as I haven’t done websites for a couple years and always used frontpage which is now defunct so not a good thing to start a new project with…at least I thought so. When I saw the one click install options I thought it was great! Super easy! So I added Concrete5, bought a theme that I really like, but I need to make some basic changes to the main files as there are a couple bugs with the theme (ie fixed height for the full page view which I need to change), but I can’t find the files anywhere…?? They must be somewhere, right? But they aren’t on the ftp site for the domain, and I don’t see anything on the panel that would make sense.

Would greatly appreciate some help! I know this has to be a simple thing but am completely missing it somehow :frowning:


C5 is almost completely database driven, so all the code and markup resides in the database. There’s a section in the admin panel that will allow you to edit the embedded CSS.

Those links should help you out, and if it’s still not clicking (…get it? 'Cause it’s a one “click” install? Ha! :slight_smile: ), feel free to submit a support ticket ( and someone from our lovely TS team can help you out :smiley: