One-click install upgrade question with Joomla

I have a Joomla site running on 1.0.11. I would like to upgrade it the easiest and safest way possible to 1.5.6 (or now 1.5.7). I am code-phobic. In my DH panel I see the site listed in One-click installs. My questions:

Does this mean that I can go directly to 1.5.6 as the panel offers? I thought it was a fairly tricky upgrade from 1.0.11 to the next upgrade which is why I was afraid to do it at the time.

What do I do if the upgrade does not work? How can it be restored to the working 1.0.11 if I need to?

I assume that I would need to change templates and various components to get it to work. I just don’t see how a One-Click install to 1.5.6 would be able to work from the level of 1.0.11. And yet that is what the panel is offering to do for me… Just seems like too much of a free lunch to be true.

I have another Joomla site that I installed in 1.5.6 and I can see how that can be updated with the one-click. And that One-click install was pretty slick and easy!



The panel won’t upgrade your self-installed Joomla to whatever the latest version is. One-Click upgrades only work on One-Click installs. Is your 1.0.11 a One-Click install? If so, then I suggest you submit a ticket to support and ask them. There’s some behind-the-scene activity during a One-Click upgrade.

If your 1.0.11 is self-installed, then I’d head over to the Joomla forums or documentation to see how to import your 1.0.11 to a 1.5.6 installation. Then rename your Joomla folder and do a fresh One-Click of 1.5.6 and follow the import instructions.


Thanks. I’ll take the most conservative route possible.