One Click Install trouble



I tried to do the one click install for wordpress at

I received the instructions and it asked me to create an admin user. I follow the link and it says 404(page not found) Error.

I have tried reinstalling it multiple times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


#2 is currently pointed to godaddy DNS. Log in there and set the nameservers for the domain to

After making a DNS change it takes 12-24 hours (maybe even 72) for the change to actually occur. This is just how DNS works. Read this if you want to know more about propagation:

If you are not yet ready to change DNS you might want to use these instructions:

then there is always the move wordpress page:


On the plus site, the one-click really did install everything :slight_smile: As soon as DNS is switched, you’ll be good to go!


The 1-Click is great, but I’m having the same issue trying to actually get into WP.

I got the email saying all I had to do was go to the install link (in my case, and create an admin user. Well, that link just tells me:

‘The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond.’


mrlukeduke - Looks like something’s wrong on your server, but I’m not entirely sure how to fix it. Please open a ticket up with Support and tell them “Apache isn’t responding on my server.” :slight_smile:


OK I’ll do this right now, thank you for your quick reply.


Luck of the draw :wink: I tapped someone who has more server savvy than I do to look at it too, so hopefully he spots the problem. (I can just tell that Apache’s taking a nap and doesn’t wanna come back up, I’m not super with our server stuff. Yet! Getting there!)


Ah ok, thank you I really appreciate this. My first ever domain purchase/setup and I was hoping it’d be easy for newbies! I logged that ticket now. Thanks again.
Ah, it seemed to “unlock” about a minute ago — brilliant!


Justin found the problem and fixed it :slight_smile: Totally nothing you did.


Fast response, thank you!