One-click install problems?

I tried to install ZenCart on a client’s site via the one-click installs area of the web panel, which I’ve done before on many other sites with no problem. But this time, a step or two into the web installation process (i.e., the part you go through on the site itself after the one-click part of it is done), it suddenly threw up an Internal Server Error 500, which I’ve never seen before on any PHP site – I’ve only ever gotten those with Perl scripts.

And it wasn’t just that part of the installation – trying to go back to the main page also gave me a 500 error.

I sent a message into support a couple of hours ago but haven’t heard back yet, so I just deleted all the files and am trying again. But I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this sort of thing with any of the one-click installs.

I’m pretty sure this is related to running PHP as CGI, since you usually only get 500s with CGI scripts, and I’m wondering if something is somehow broken with the whole PHP-CGI system, at least on that particular server (adonis).

I’ve done dozens of one-click installs before, including several of ZenCart, without encountering anything like this…



Edit: Well, deleting the files and doing the install again seems to have worked fine. Still curious about what might have happened the first time around, but whatever it was appears to have been temporary.

Yep - I get an internal error message when I upgraded my MediaWiki installation just now. I’ve just reverted back to the previous version and am waiting for a response from support.

Edit: To be clear, the message appeared when I tried to access my site, which was inaccessible.

I am having a similar problem after updating Mediawiki to 1.11.0. I am unable to run the update.php script as outlined in the dreamhost wiki.