One-click install of Wordpress 2.0.4 problem


I’ve tried to one-click install Wordpress 2.0.4 from the panel but with no luck. The form gets submitted, the panel tells me to wait 10 or so minutes for the email, but nothing ever happens. Nothing gets installed, no email, no answer from tech support (the issue has been opened for 3 days).

I can do it by hand, sure, but wanted to take advantage of the 50+ templates that DH installs.

Is anybody having a similar problem? Or a clue on how to solve it? (or maybe a clue on how to get tech support to answer their tickets?)

(BTW I’ve already one-click installed activeCollab without any problems)


If there’s an error, it should email you and tell you what the problem is.

Note that it has to be installed in a completely empty folder or it won’t happen – that includes directories and hidden files like .htaccess. If you made a new folder for it, that shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’re installing it your root directory and already have files on your site–go with a manual install or temporarily move everything somewhere else.

In any case, you could just download it from and install it yourself. Their site has step-by-step instructions on it. As far as the templates go, you should check out the theme browser and style browser at I’m not sure what template DH uses, but that site has a lot more than 50 themes/styles to choose from.

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Thanks. As I’ve said, I did email DH but am still waiting for an answer.

As far as the empty folder thing is concerned, I’ll check, thanks for the tip.

And am also giving up on one-click and do it by hand. You’re right about the templates, I was just being lazy :).

Cheers and thanks again


I think manual installation is the way to go with WP anyway. It’s good practice for when you have to upgrade, which I don’t like doing with the one-click.

If you change anything from the standard installation, you have to redo it after a one-click upgrade. When you do a manual upgrade, following the instructions at, it’s very easy to do without overwriting anything in the wp-content folder.

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As mentioned above, a non-empty directory is probably the most common reason a one-click install fails. Sometimes the notification e-mails are pretty delayed and othertimes they are nearly instantaneous. Keep checking the e-mail account your panel user is associated with for updates.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.