One-Click Install of WebCalendar

I just went through the process of the one-click-install of WebCalendar. I recieved the email stating that the calendar was installed as requested, but when I try to access it, it states that the database was not created properly.

Looking at the db through PhpMyAdmim I see that in fact it was not created properly as there are no tables in the new db.

Is this due to
A: I am an IB (inpatient bastard) and just need to wait a while longer for the db (it has been maybe an hour so far)
B: The install actually failed but the one-click-install process failed to recognized the failure. (that made sence right?)

If the answer is B, I could attempt to complete the process on my own, but dont want to start unless I am sure the one-click process has completed.

I’m having a similar (the same?) problem. I did the one click install and after I received the confirmation email that it was complete, I went to the link to find this message:
“Error finding WebCalendar tables in database…”
“Have you created the database tables as specified…”

Perhaps I too am impatient and it will just take a bit longer. However, it has been about 20 mins now…

Has anyone got this working?

One thing of note is that this install was done on a subdomain. The parent domain has PHP 5 but this subdomain is NOT upgraded to 5; WebCalendar one click install is noted as not working with PHP 5. Could this be a problem?

Yea, I get the same error.

I think we should assume it does not work. It created my database and installed lots of files but failed to add the required tables to the database.

I trust someone has let DH know that it is a bit screwy ?

I contacted support. They told me it was being worked on and to try again.

I tried again and got another error about not being able to find mysql.

I guess I’ll leave it be for a while and try again much later.


On the use of one-click-installation and selection of webcalendar creation, the table is not created in the MySQL correspnding DB and give an error on use.
The error rediret me to the following documentation
from appendix A using MyPhp and here is the solution
7. Click on the “SQL” tab at the top left of the page.
8. At the bottom of the page, there is an area to upload a SQL file. Click on the “Browse” button and select the tables-mysql.sql file in the WebCalendar toplevel directory. Then, press the “Go” button.
9. The top of the page should say "Your SQL-query has been executed successfully."
10. You have now finished creating the WebCalendar database tables.

Work great after !!!


FYI, after waiting 24 hours, I decided to create the DB tables myself using the PhpMyAdmin instructions (I think they were in Apendix A of the Installguild that came with WebCalendar.

After installing the tables the WebCalendar started working fine. (I even got reminders working from the crontab).