One Click install leads to 400 bad request error

I’ve tried reading through other support threads and forms about this issue, but I, for the life of me, cannot figure this out.

I tried installing wordpress on a good friend & clients website several times. I’ve tried the manual installation, the one click install (many times) to which currently has a website originally built on Yahoo and that has had a doman transfer to dream host. Thought this might have been what was messing things up, so I created a new subdomain in attempts to get wordpress to run.

I’ve gone through the one click install for and received the instructional email. I click through to any of the links, and they all are returned with an error message saying 400 - bad request.

What am I doing wrong here? I can’t even get the wp-admin/install.php to work.

Can someone help?

It looks like you’re not pointing to us for your DNS. Actually you’re not pointing to us either, so that’s what the problem is :slight_smile: Everything’s still pointing to Yahoo.

Change the nameservers to and and that will work out. The domain name transfer may not be complete, though, if you were transferring domain registration to us. If you weren’t, you’ll have to change this via Yahoo.

What should I change the nameservers to, and will everything auto-update or do I have to manually change settings? I’m a bit of a novice, so details would be greatly appreciated!

Change the nameservers to and

After that, you should be okay.

After that plus propagation time you should be ok.