One-click install leads only to 404


I bought a domain name through DreamHost.
I initially had Google host it all, then decided I didn’t like my options there.
I signed up for CloudFlare, and reset the DNS addresses as directed.
I went to do a one-click install of WordPress, got a “Success!” message on the Dreamhost page and an email with the links I’d need to go to wp-admin.
The links all lead to a 404 page.
I waited, same thing.
I deleted the one-click install, ran it again.
Same thing – 404.

The Wordpress forums suggest this is the forum for getting help because most folks there do the manual install. I understand DreamHost doesn’t support Wordpress, but still, where do I go for help now?

Thanks for any suggestions!



Chances are that you haven’t fully deactivated the Google hosting that you were using earlier. Check the domain settings to make sure that isn’t still turned on, and contact DreamHost support if that doesn’t help.

We do provide support for WordPress installs, by the way.


Thank you! It’s also been suggested to me that perhaps the DNS settings haven’t propagated yet, and that I need to give time for that to happen. Does that ring true as well?


If you’ve just switched the domain away from Google hosting, that’s definitely a possibility — give it another hour or two to clear up. If you’re still getting a Google-themed 404 page after that, go ahead and contact our Support team.


It’s definitely a Google-themed 404. I’ll give it overnight then contact support tomorrow if needed. Thank you so much!