One-Click install - Gallery 2.0 problem

So I did the ole 1-click install, and I was going through setup. I got stuck, impatient, and deleted all of the files. I’ve tried to re-install a few times, but it never happens (no confirmation email, no files in the directory). I even deleted the mysql dbs.

Oh, I did want to mention that I have since read the cough helpful e-mail that you guys send after the successful install… and yes it does have the information that would have saved me all of this trouble if I had actually read it first…

But I know you guys will try and help to dig me out of this mess :slight_smile:



If memory serves me correct, there was another thread here about DreamHost NOT sending out the one-click install “welcome” e-mail. If that is a global problem, perhaps DreamHost support should be alerted of it.

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I sent in a support req earlier this morn, we’ll see what happens!


The info that should have been sent is in this thread:

ahh I got the e-mail on the first one, but after I erased that, and tried again, no files were installed, and no e-mail was sent. If I goto the directory where the install was to take place, it is empty.