One click install - forum

Hello there!

This is an easy question, I’m Very sure but nonetheless I have to ask it…

I’m trying to create a forum on but when I am to install it, I don’t know where to find the dns thing?

Database server hostname or DSN:
DSN stands for Data Source Name and is relevant only for ODBC installs.

is what it says on the area I don’t know where to write? Where do I find the dns thing to write there? I’ve tried the dns1 etc but it just says “could not connect to database” when I try :\ And what is ODBC installs??

Help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

If you click MySQL Databases in the DreamHost panel, you’ll get a list of your databases and database hosts. I usually name mine

If you did a One-Click install, the email instructions should tell you what settings to use.

Yeah… but I accidentally deleted the email >< it fell along with a bunch of scrap mail :frowning: I’ll see if I can recover it somehow.

And thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile:


There’s a copy of it in the panel under Support:

I found it, thank you so much! :slight_smile: