One-click install... feeling like a total noob


So, yeah, I thought 1-click install would be easy, but apparently I am more of a noob that I thought.

I am moving my website hosting over from I did the one-click install, got the success confirmation email, and none of the setup links work. I can’t FTP in either – it tells me no more users are allowed. The website is working fine, but still on the site, and I can’t do anything with it on Dreamhost.



Okay, now I can FTP in and see all the files are there, but that’s it. Still not able to get to them online or complete the setup process. Can someone please help? I think I might just kill my free trial and go back to using if it’s going to be this hard…


Try using FilleZilla to upload the files onto the server if you have not already. You have your own domain? Sometimes domain transfer takes few days.


Have you transferred your domain to DreamHost yet, or changed the nameservers to point to us?


I’m trying to do just that! I changed NS1, 2 and 3 to but nothing happened…