One-Click install errors



Last night we upgraded our message boards from phpbb 2.0 to phpbb 3.0. (Yes, it did the backup of the boards before we began.) The installation failed to install the complete files and our Administration Control Panel is missing. Also, it failed to import the past year of posts from our database. Thirdly, we lost all of our customizations, but I’m not terribly worried about that at this point - we knew it was a risk.

We’ve opened three URGENT tickets to Dreamhost for support and after 17+ hours, we’ve not heard a word. does not offer support for Dreamhost One-Click installs, so there’s no support there either.

Since we are not on blingy, I don’t think we’re affected by that issue, but if we are, a notice/warning about the upgrade and possible malfunctions would have been nice before it completely killed our boards. -_-

Anyone have any advice for how to contact support and get a response, or how to fix this issue?? Everything is broken, messed up, and we’re approaching 24 hours without a word from Support. Ack. Very, very displeased right now, but even more displeased because our users are displeased. -_-


Submitting 3 tickets to the queue just clogs things up. One is enough in a 24 hour period.

You can always roll back to your previous installation by FTPing into your domain and rename the 3.0 to and the .old folder that’s now there to whatever it was without the .old on the end.

Next, you can go into the Panel for Manage MySQL and do a DB Restore for that database and restore it from prior to your upgrade. Make sure you pick the option to drop all tables before restore.

I did the phpBB one-click upgrade to 3.0 and it actually went just fine.



It’s never taken this long to get some kind of response from DH, especially when it’s marked URGENT and people are dying. :wink: Has response time gotten a lot slower in the past few months???

Thank you for the instructions - if we don’t hear from them, we’ll have no choice but to roll back, even though I would like to have a successful upgrade at some point in the near future. -_-

Ack, very much annoyed.


I’d guess that marking a ticket urgent doesn’t help when it’s something they don’t support anyway… especially while being flooded with urgent tickets from Blingy users.

I haven’t done it, but if you’re losing your customizations anyway, couldn’t you just do a clean install, then import all of your DB info somehow?

Or roll back to where it’s working with v2, then try again to see if it was just a freak thing?

If you did the one-click upgrade, I’d follow phpBB’s instructions for a manual upgrade and give that a shot.

Other than that, if you can’t find any help here, you might have better luck on a phpBB forum. It’s popular enough that if there’s a problem with the script itself, it’s being talked about/solved somewhere.

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Dreamhost supports it as far as the install goes - and ours was unsuccessful. will NOT help because we did a one-click install via Dreamhost. If all else fails, I might have no other option than to start over, but I’m no expert here and fear losing all the board posts from the past two years.

DH did contact us and told us to restore the old database, which I did, but now it’s worse. Ugh. Waiting for further instructions which could take… another 20 hours. -_-


If your site is phpBB only, then I’d try renaming your site folder to (or whatever), recreate a folder, then manually install phpBB3 and point it to your restored database.

One-Click probably won’t notice the difference, and let you pick up where you left off. And if all else fails, you can delete the one-click install and try again.