One Click Install Drupal - real noob questions!

I tried to install Drupal via One Click, but could not, getting some message about “my domain already being fully hosted”. I’m so new to this that I could not understand how to proceed.

My next attempt allowed me to instal Drupal to a sub-domain. That works fine, but I want to work on the main domain as my site.

So, I read more and saw I could choose Custom Installation - but when I tried again there is NO button for Custom Installation.

Can somebody please either tell me or point me at tutorials to answer:

How can I make a site on my domain, using the Drupal installation now on a sub-domain?
How do I install Drupal on the main domain? (in verrrry simple terms, please!)


man 5900 views and no responses yet lol. unfortunately there is not yet the one-click option for a custom installation of drupal. if you want to be able to edit the files and have drupal on your main domain you will need to download the core files from and manually install it yourself (or pay someone like me who will do it for you :wink: )

Thanks for the reply.

I bit the bullet and have managed to download and upload the files manually. Let the fun begin!


In the dreamhost wiki for drupal it has a series of config instructions for the default.settings.php file for drupal 6. do these still apply for drupal 7?

I don’t recall but if it starts hanging at the mysql database information you will know that is why. It was just a matter of copying default.settings.php and changing the name to settings.php (which means you have to have both files in the same directory).