One-Click Install candidate: OpenProject


Hi again!

May I suggest reviewing OpenProject as a candidate to add as a new One-Click Install app.

I was able to install it on a WAMP stack, so I had a chance to play around with it and it’s a very sexy little bit of business-planning software. I’ve used BaseCamp and FreedCamp and also a Frankenstein of apps on my phone, but what I was really hankering for was a site that allows for complex project planning that includes multiple users. And although DotProject seems like it might still be viable, maaaaaan, it seems a bit creaky to me.

When I tried installing OpenProject on my account here, I was unable to. After a little (pleasant, of course!) back and forth with support, it was determined that me-myself-and-I could not possess the permissions needed to install it (though once installed, I could run it).

So this seems like a possible great candidate for a behind-the-scenes One-Click Install app.

Their website is:

Thank you kindly in advance for consideration!