One-Click Install candidate: Grav



I’ve been spooling through CMSs like crazy, trying out each one and seeing what’s to be done. I’ve been especially interested in “flat-file” CMSes because – being on a shared server – the spin-up of the SQL db is the thing that almost always kicks my hiney in memory and page-load.

So I found this neat flat-file CMS: Grav

It requires no database at all – it’s just a series of flat files. I’ve been running my own blog from it for a year or more now at and I am pretty happy about it.

Anyway, in case any of what I’ve learned can be helpful to anyone else, I wanted to suggest that as a possible candidate. I am kinda lovin’ it, and from a security standpoint, the fact that there’s no db makes it a lot less susceptible to hacking and other risks.

Thank you kindly in advance for considering!