One-Click Install candidate: Canvas LMS

I saw that Moodle is no longer on the list of one-click installs. I’m trying to not weep at its loss.

Have you considered adding another LMS to the list one One-Clicks? If so, Canvas seems awfully nice:

There have been a few occasions where I really needed an LMS and the only thing I could do on my site was to have some sort of LMS plug-in for WordPress, which wasn’t as optimal as I would have liked (and of course, WordPress is CONSTANTLY getting hammered on.

Thank you kindly in advance for consideration! You folks are the best!



One of the reasons I have been especially exploring LMSs is because one of my last jobs I was tasked to find an LMS and a host for a big project. Although that project eventually broke down, I have uses for an LMS on my own domains to help teach folks filmmaking.

I see you’re suggesting a number of OneClick packages. My experience here is that DH throws up some OneClick packages but then doesn’t maintain them. So I’d recommend them only as trials, not as a base for your initiatives. While OneClick is super convenient, there are also sometimes restrictions, or rather, install decisions that we wouldn’t make ourselves as we think a bit into the future about how the software will be used.

I found early on that installing most LAMP software is dirt-simple. Create a domain/subdomain to host the installation. Create a database in the panel that’s assigned to that (sub)domain. FTP the software into the home directory. Open a webpage like “install.php” to begin the install process which will prompt for the database and other specifics. The first time it’s scary. After that it moves quite well.

That’s the next step in site administration. After you’re comfortable with that you may want to move on to VPS or later maybe DreamCompute Cloud.

Try it. Take the plunge. It aint that bad. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Oh, I’ve installed a few – it’s not a thing I’m unfamiliar with.

I suggest them as One-Click packages because:

  1. I think other folks might enjoy using them, too, and
  2. Dreamhost makes kind of a deal about how they have all these One-Click installs

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