One-Click Install candidate: Canvas LMS


I saw that Moodle is no longer on the list of one-click installs. I’m trying to not weep at its loss.

Have you considered adding another LMS to the list one One-Clicks? If so, Canvas seems awfully nice:

There have been a few occasions where I really needed an LMS and the only thing I could do on my site was to have some sort of LMS plug-in for WordPress, which wasn’t as optimal as I would have liked (and of course, WordPress is CONSTANTLY getting hammered on.

Thank you kindly in advance for consideration! You folks are the best!




One of the reasons I have been especially exploring LMSs is because one of my last jobs I was tasked to find an LMS and a host for a big project. Although that project eventually broke down, I have uses for an LMS on my own domains to help teach folks filmmaking.