One-Click Error - "Can't connect to the one-click database!"


Hi all. This problem seems to have cropped up for me in the past 24 hours or so, and I’ve got no idea why - I’m wondering if this is an issue on DH’s end rather than mine.

I have a Wordpress One-Click Install at I visited the site yesterday afternoon and everything seemed to be working fine.

Now I get this error every time I try to visit:
One-Click Error
Can’t connect to the one-click database!

It’s a portfolio site that’s been entered in a competition and I’m sort of desperate to get it up and running again. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I realise now I should probably have posted this in the Dreamhost Apps subforum. Sorry!


sorry not to be providing help but i’ve got a very similar issue with my one click WordPress install.

I’ve not visited the site for a while but now when I do I just get an ‘error connecting to database’ message. I’ve check settings in wp-config with no joy. I am able to connect to phpmyadmin using the same settings as in wp-config so I’ve no idea what the problem is!