One-Click Domain Listing Incomplete

I’ve discovered a problem…

When I go to the One-Click Installer page to see if any of my installs need to be upgraded, only 10 of the installs (randomly selected?) appear in the list. According to the instruction snippet I’ve included below, this means I can’t upgrade the others.

How do I get the full list to show, so I can upgrade all of them as needed?

From the One-Click Installers Page:

Upgrade or remove previously installed software:

Upgrading will install the latest version of the software
at the same URL, using the same database (and move your
last installation to .old). If you’ve done any template
installations or added any non-default plugins at all, you’ll
have to re-install them!)

Removing will delete absolutely EVERYTHING from the
URL chosen, and remove the install from this page. Be
careful! (It will not delete any databases… if you want to do
that, visit our MySQL area.)

If an installation is not listed below, it’s either because
(A) you didn’t originally install it from here, (B) the
database it was installed on is now inactive, or © the
domain you installed it to has moved since the installation.
Unfortunately, if an install is not listed below, we cannot
upgrade it for you!