One Click BB

So I just started and I wanted to know, how much work and memory are involved in the “one click BB” available here. I’m interested in using it with a password for friends and family only. I’d like to use this as an alternative to emails and blogs to discuss family events and wine tasting notes.

Is it hard to use?
Does it take up a lot of space?
Major problems?
Is there a better way to achieve my goal?
Thanks in advance for any advice given…


It’s really easy to use IMO. I think a basic database takes up 5mb, and about 10mb in files. This will of course grow as your use the forum.

I like forums - and I think it works great for stuff you want to keep private. There are some really nice flash tutorials over at that show you how to do just about everything with their software.

One click install makes things easy, so go for it.