One-button Duplicator

It would be good if DreamHost provided a one-click Duplicator button for WordPress.

The Duplicator would transfer “all files” from one website to another.

For example, a WordPress located at would transfer the contents to … including the sql database (renamed).

There are quite likely other customers who would like this feature.

Hello bhs67,

Thank you for your feedback and contacting us for help.

While we do not currently offer a duplicator option in our panel, You can use the WordPress plugin duplicator to transfer content.

Matt C

The WordPress plugin duplicator is a bit complicated. It would be best / simplest to have a one-click Duplicator.

The one-click Duplicator would require a DreamHost source name and DreamHost destination name.

Click the Duplicator button, and it would 1) transfer all files, 2) copy the MySql file to a new MySql file, 3) rename the new MySql file with the appropriate name, and 4) make the necessary modifications so that WordPress will use the new database name.

There is zero chance for error.

A one-click DreamHost Duplicator plugin might be the simplest … and would provide PR for DreamHost.

Some folks might consider switching to DreamHost for this one reason.