One account for 2 different site?

I have 2 site to host, one is run by my friend another is my personal homepage. DH provides UNLIMITED domains hosted service in the “Crazy Domain Insame” plan, does it mean we can host as many individual site as we like ( of course it is just few sites for me ) in DH with different domain?

I wonder if our sites are hosted in DH, visitors will notice we are host in the same account. I don’t wwant my personal homepage expose to my friends’ site.

Yes. You can host as many domains and/or sub-domains as you like, subject to the disk space and CPU usage restrictions currently in place.

The domains will have different root directories and for all intents and purposes are completely separate.

You can also configure different FTP users for the domains, so your friend can log-in and make changes to his site without having access to your domain.

Not unless you want them to. :slight_smile:


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