Once I upload, how do I view?

I’m designing my first web-page, so forgive me if I seem stupid. I’m using the ftp in My Network Places on Windows xp, and I also tried CuteFTP. I know how to use them and upload pages and images to my site, but once they’re uploaded, I don’t know how to view them on the internet. Can you please help me? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thank you.

G’day, tinyhearts.
To view your site, point your Web browser to your domain name; e.g. http://example.com/
If you haven’t already done so, check out the DreamHost Knowledge Base for useful info and tips (“Getting Started” is a good place to start).
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When I go to my site all it says is:

Index of /
Name Last modified Size Description

Parent Directory 13-Nov-2005 15:43 -

I can’t find any of the things I uploaded.

Ah, perhaps you did not upload your files to the right place. :slight_smile: Make sure you upload the files to the directory/folder named after your domain name (e.g. /home/username/domainname), NOT to the root of your account (e.g. /home/username). Name your main page/home page “index.html”.

More information is available from DH’s Knowledge Base:

  1. How do I setup/access/view my web site
  2. Creating an index page"/Why your main page should be called index.html.

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What would I call the folder that I upload it into? I just uploaded it into the main thing, not any of the folders (logs, Maildir, and resistore.shop). And I did name my main page index.html =/.

Wait I think I understand. Would I name the folder http://mydomain.com or mydomain?

Place the files into the folder named after your domain name.

The folder named after your domain name should already exist; e.g. if example.com is the domain name, then the folder to upload files to is example.com (without the ‘http://www’ part).

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There was no folder already there, so I made one and named it the way you said to. I uploaded my index into the folder and when I go to mysite.com/index.phtml it says that the page cannot be displayed, and when I go to mysite.com, it still looks the same as what I posted earlier. Am I doing something wrong? =/

When you register a domain with DH, it creates a folder (mydomain.com) automatically. That is where you put your files for that domain.

If you do not have any folder, then you have not registered a domain with your hosting yet.

But I got a domain registration conformation and everything…

so when you log into your account via FTP, what folders do you see?

logs, Maildir, and resistore.shop

and what domain did you register with them?


When you log into panel.dreamhost.com is your domain listed under “manage domains”?


When you log in via FTP now, under your home directory (/home/yourusername), do you, or do you not, see a sub-directory named tinyheartsrescue.com?

I am confused: in one reply, you said that you had created the sub-directory tinyheartsrescue.com on the server and then dropped your index.html in there, so why were you trying to view index.phtml!? And then in your most recent reply, you said that you could see only three sub-directories under your home directory, namely logs, Maildir and resistore.shop–I wonder where exactly did you create the sub-directory tinyheartsrescue.com?

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No, I don’t see a sub-directory named tinyheartsrescue.com.

When I said index.phtml, I meant index.html. Sorry if I confused you, it was my mistake.

I created the sub-directory under my home directory, so I saw logs, Maildir, resistore.shop and tinyheartsrescue.com, but then I deleted it when I was told it should have already been there.

I just downloaded smartFTP and now along with logs, Maildir, resistore.shop, I also see files (not directories) called .alias, .bash_profile, .bashrc and .cshrc. What are these?

Someone else can tell you what those files exactly are, but don’t worry; they’re supposed to be there. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if other accounts are different, but I don’t have a sub-directory called resistore.shop. In any case, it’s odd that you don’t have a subdirectory already there called tinyheartsrescue.com. Maybe try again, and I’ll repeat what marsbar said to do:

  1. Create a subdirectory in the same directory that you see Maildir, logs and resistore.shop in. So, you should have logs, Maildir, resistore.shop, and tinyheartsrescue.com as folders.

  2. Click on tinyheartsrescue.com and go into that folder. Upload index.html.

The page should then be viewable, whether you go to http://www.tinyheartsrescue.com/index.html, or http://www.tinyheartsrescue.com/ (without typing the filename).

If that doesn’t work, perhaps the problem is your index.html file, if it’s not in displayable format, as you mentioned. You might want to share the code.