On line DJ website


i am about to design an on-line DJ website.
i do not know which of the available CMS is the best to use.
my only experiece with CMS is on drupal
please who can advise me on the best CMS for a DJ website design.
thank you


The best CMS to use is the one you feel comfortable using.

I know, that sounded cheesy, but it’s true. If you don’t like using a CMS, you won’t want to update your site. Make a list of all the features your site must have, things you consider non-negotiable. Be hard on yourself. If you feel like something is more of an ‘I want…’ than an ‘I need…’, move it to a separate list for things you want. Once you have that list of what you have to have, then you can start looking at each CMS separately. Which ones have the features built in, or easily extendable via add-ons or plugins.

Then you’ll know what’s right for you :slight_smile: