On-demand bandwidth provider?


Can anyone recommend an on-demand bandwidth provider for video file downloads? My client has a bunch of movie files that normally only get 10 hits per day, but once every year or two after uploading a new movie we get slashdotted and suddenly have 10,000 hits per hour for two days.

We got tired of paying $700/mo for dedicated bandwidth at our old provider when we weren’t using it most months. But now we have a bunch of really fantastic new videos to upload and I suspect we will get slashdotted.

(These new movies are truly fantastic … you get to watch an entire Space Shuttle launch sequence from the POV of a “Rocketcam” mounted on the solid rocket booster … from launch all the way down to splashdown in the ocean and the waves swirling over the camera. All with sound.)

I want our website to survive the next slashdotting, so I’m thinking it might be smart to host the video files elsewhere with an on-demand service that only charges us for the bandwidth we use. But I’m not familiar with these services, so a reference would be appreciated. Thanks!


Akamai seems to be a popular option.



You can also checkout Amazon S3, pay for usage only. Not sure how much it would come out to for you since I don’t know what your bandwidth usage looks like.


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