On-Click Install Ideas

Just some suggestions for more one-click installs:

Project Management
[]LimeSurvey - surveys
]elgg - social media platform
[]DokuWiki - wiki
]InvoicePlane - invoicing

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I have used DokuWiki and like it. If you need a flat-file wiki (without the database, that is), I recommend it.

Alas, DreamHost has shown itself to be somewhat averse to adding to or even updating their one-click installs. The number of software packages available has actually decreased over the years (the developers of some have stopped working on them—such is the inherent danger of open-source software).

However, most of these are easy (if slow) to install via FTP, and some can be installed via the command line (as long as you don’t need sudo).

Thank you for this list. Phabricator is new to me and looks promising, and I certainly have uses for LimeSurvey and InvoicePlane.

What about reddit?
It would be great to run a reddit instance on shared hosting.
And so would be of course to have a Postgresql database…

Owncloud or anything easy to use for DreamObjects. This is for someone coming from a non-technical background.

OwnCloud is amazingly easy to set up with DreamObjects, and works well. It is a two step process.

First, the easiest way to install OwnCloud is via the web installer, which you can get here:

(Click on “Web Installer”). You download a single file, upload it to your server where you would like to install OwnCloud, and then navigate to that page and follow the prompts.

Second, follow these instructions to connect your OwnCloud install to a DreamObjects bucket:

Keep in mind that the screen caps on that page do not correspond to the latest version of OwnCloud (which is what gets installed), but the instructions are essentially correct.

Questions or problems, let us know.