Omeka 1 click Outdated - can't solve DB error!

Hello! It was suggested to me by an extremely helpful person on the Chat Live, to post about my problem here - the long and the short of it is that I am trying to set up a new video archive site using Omeka, and I can’t seem to stop getting database errors, even though all the information looks to be correct in the db.ini…

I have 4 other websites through Dreamhost that use Omeka, I’ve had pretty good luck setting them all up so far, but for some reason this one if giving me a lot of trouble - would love to get some advice, but I’ve noticed that the 1click version of Omeka available through Dreamhost is way out of date - the available version is 2.1.4, and the newest version is 2.2.2, so there is currently no support for this newest version… Regardless, what I’m trying to do should still work… I’m at a loss.

Also the person I spoke with, mentioned that I should create a ticket - pardon my ignorance, how would I go about doing that?

Anyway thanks, any ideas on why I might be having more trouble installing the new version of Omeka would be great, and I for one would love to see the 1 click install updated on this!

LOVE Dreamhost by the way, thanks for everything guys!

All the best,

Go to your control panel. On the bottom left, click “Support”. In the menu that appears, click “Contact Support”. Then just click on the area you are having difficulty with. Be sure to make a note of your support ticket number!!!