Old WP blog to work with new host and URL

I am such a beginner that even the beginner’s threads confuse me!:slight_smile:

Here is my situation:

  • I want to host my previous WP blog (including all my old posts) on Dreamhost with a new url.
  • I downloaded the old “blog” folder from my previous server.
  • I re-configured the config file in the blog folder.
  • My previous host sent me the sql file.
  • I re-configured that as well.
  • I uploaded both the blog folder and the sql folder to my Dreamhost ftp.
  • Both files are in my folder mydomainname.com on ftp.
  • When I typed in my new url, the Dreamhost generic page comes up.
  • I re-named the blog folder “index.html”
  • Now when I type in mydomainname.com/index.html, the WP setup page comes on.


  • How can I get my old blog active rather than the new WP blog set up?
  • How can I make it so that my blog comes up with just mydomainname.com rather than adding the index.html (it is a business site and I just want it to be clean on my business cards)?

I sure hope someone out there can help as I have been teaching myself all of these steps for a week now and I am about to lose my mind!:slight_smile:

Thank you!!