Old Website -> New Website How to traverse

I have the first website I created… so you go to …blahblahblah.net and you would get my home page

I then wanted to simplify and installed joomla at a subdirectory of my old site: /jweb.

I went to the control panel and changed it so that when I went to my website blahblah.net, it would go to the new site I’m developing.

Is there an easy way to be able to still have/use/point users to the “old” website–which is one level “higher” in the directory schema???

(emphasis on the easy part…)

Sure, create a new Fully Hosted one, like original.example.com and set it to use /home/example.com/ as its web directory, which is probably how you had it set before.

It may be a little kludgy, but you can’t escape out of the web root directory into a parent directory (and for god reason). So you have to set up the new site, in this case, as a subdomain, to use that parent directory.

Another possibility is a remap: