.old subdomains

I created 2 new subdomains and now when I FTP into my site, i find blah.site.old which I assume are backups of my subdomains. But this just started happening recently as subdomains I created previously dont have .old backupfolders. Is this a new feature? Also, I deleted the subdomains but the folders remain, how do I get rid of them?

This only happens to me if it’s a One-Click advanced install that I’ve upgraded. It renames your current to .old, installs the new, and copies your changes into the new installation.

Ok, thanks. How do I remove the subdomain and the backup? I’ve deleted the subdomain from the panel but the folders remain in the ftp.

Delete it just like you’d delete any other folder. Usually FTP, WebFTP, or even command line.

Tried that :frowning: The folders remain. Theyre empty, but the main folders are still there.

Check for a “hidden” file (.htaccess) which is part of many (most) one-click installations. If you don’t know how to view them, check out:




Delete those, and then delete the directory (folder)

That did it, hidden .htaccess files, thanks! :slight_smile: