Old Problem New - bash

I posted a few months ago about bash not reading my aliases at login time. The fix for this was to change my shell (via chsh) to /usr/bin/tcsh. tcsh works great, but my shell reverts back to bash after a login or two and I have to go through it all again. bash still won’t read my .bash_profile or .bashrc and chsh seems to only be temporary.

Does anyone know how I can either keep tcsh as my shell or get bash to behave? Thanks!

When you edit your user in the panel, does it show that the shell is /bin/bash?


Do you have anything strange in your .bash* files?

Do you have a .profile file?

What are the permissions and ownership?

Is there a /etc/profile ?

Can you start with a very simple version of .bash_profile, include an echo something command, and see if that goes to the screen when you login?

Do you have a .bash_logout file?

What is the contents of those files?

What are you using to log in?

They need more support help.
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