Old-messages notification

I got an email notification about my Inbox filling up, but the email could use some improved explanation. It doesn’t tell me whether it rotated out the oldest or newest messages (I’m hoping the oldest, but I hit Remove from my mail client before I checked the old-messages folder on SquirrelMail)

And the two wiki links at the end don’t point to anything.

Here’s the message:

Please see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Inbox_Archiver
for how to read mail in folders other than your inbox.

This includes:

  • 0 messages that were more than 45 days old
  • 15 messages that pushed your inbox size over the 250
    message maximum size

You can configure how messages are rotated out of your inbox from your
mailboxes management area, at http://mailboxes.YOURDOMAIN.COM/ (replace
YOURDOMAIN.COM with your actual email address domain!)

If you utilize POP, and you’re receiving this message, you are likely
leaving your messages on the server. To help reduce the performance
impact this has on your server (and to stop receiving these pesky
notifications!) please read through the following articles on configuring
your email client:

Should I leave messages on the server?
(the reasons why you should configure you POP client intelligently)

Improving Mail Performance for Everyone!
(basically, how to configure your POP client intelligently)