"Old Messages" missing

In Squirrel Mail, I recently realized that when my messages expire in Inbox, they just disappear.
They are supposed to move to “Old Messages” but this doesn’t seem to be happening.
It used to work.
Old messages go up to Sep 3, 2013. But then stop.
Inbox only goes back a few days.
Anyone have any ideas on what might be happening to all my emails?

Its set up as IMAP.
I checked settings on other computers to see if one of them was set up to delete old messages, but none of them are.

I hope they aren’t gone forever. There was a lot of good stuff in October, November and December.


check the spelling of the setting for the folder they are supposed to move to… is it an exact case sensitive match for the folder name? I think I remember having this problem once and the problem was the folder that was set for old messages didn’t exist…when it had before and I don’t think I changed it… I had a folder with old messages similarly named with message just not recent… but somehow… someway…

Thank you for response.
It looks like the “move to old messages” option has been disabled (administrator taking action?). And there is currently no folder specified.
Hopefully no additional messages will disappear.
But the old ones have not materialized either.

I wonder what folder was specified before option was disabled…

If no folder was specified (blank), where would my messages be now?

From which are you looking at this? mailboxes.yourdomain.com or editing the mailbox from the panel?

if you haven’t tried the other, do they look the same?
BTW… have you opened a ticket about this? if you haven’t you should if you want to ask about message recovery.