Old host to a new host

Yesterday I sent off an email through support about my old domain/host describing my issue:

About a year or two ago a friend of mine (Samin, xsesshoumarux@hotmail.com) > signed up with DreamHost and because he started a plan, he was able to> receive a second domain, which he gave to me as a gift. My domain
(robotjoey.net) updated January 15th, 2006 and is set to expire in 2008. Recently I’ve been trying to connect to the ftp for my domain, but with no luck. My client keeps delivering me this message: I tried to contact my friend, but he has been out of reach, away at University for some time. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I was given a reply of:

It seems as if that domain is no longer attached with any hosting plan on
our system, so if you want to be able to connect via FTP then you will
need to add it to a hosting plan by visiting the manage domain section.

However it turns out I ended up purchasing a totally different hosting plan…thus when I went in to log in via FTP, none of my original file or anything were there. The original host WAS robotjoet.net, not the new machine pierce, which was used via my friend’s one-domain-free deal.

I just want to be able to have access to all my original FTP files/folders etc…

Any help is great.

You will need to contact support for this.

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I’m a little confused. You’re saying the domain you want data from was hosted at DH, but there seems to be a message from DH support that says the domain isn’t hosted with them any more. If that’s the case, then you’re out of luck unless you’ve got a local backup.

I also checked robotjoet.net and it’s not registered - so it may well be that domain registration and hosting both lapsed. If you want to use that domain name you’ll have to register it again.

But if the domain is no longer hosted with DH supports answer isn’t going to change - they don’t keep backups of data once a domain is removed from the system. The same would be true if your friend happened to have his account shut down due to TOS/spam violations.

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