OLD Forum topic suggestions

When entering a new topic into this new forum I think most of us are asking about current software and features. But the “Your topic is similar to” suggestions gp back at least to 2005.

I’ll suggest that those suggestions should be limited to more recent posts in order to offer something more relevant and helpful … with an option to look further back only on request.


This is a great idea, I’ll look into solutions after my holiday :slight_smile:

It seems people are still using those suggestions, adding a “me too” to ancient threads. I know Discourse has a mechanism to lock old posts.


Bump to DH … too many old/dead threads getting a modern-day #metoo here.
Please lock all threads from 2017 and prior.

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I mentioned the need for this a long time ago before they switched formats. I am actually getting even less relavent content now, such as this. I have no idea why an 11-year-old thread is showing up on my front page. As this is not a shiny new object, I doubt it will actually get fixed.

For the love of God or whatever you believe in, DreamHost!
Please close all discussions over a year old so that people will stop necromancing them!

Forum users - you won’t get good, current responses to posts on threads that are years old. The problems that people had back then are not the same as any problems today.

Start New Threads!

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Thank you! We are aware of the issue and are working on a way to have older threads closed so this doesn’t continue to happen. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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