Old domain redirect to new domain hosted here


I have the domain name “foo.bar” registered with Network Solutions. It was hosted with Ball 'OWax.com. I have a new domain hosted here at DreamHost, “new.bar,” now serving pages.

I wish to have any visits to “foo.bar” be automatically redirected to “new.bar” here at DreamHost. I have already configured .htaccess at “new.bar” to rewrite any request for “foo.bar” (or “www.foo.bar”) to “new.bar.”

I’m wondering what are the next steps to take. I want to avoid having an “under construction” page appear for visits to “foo.bar” if I set up the domain as an additional “Fully Hosted” domain using my “new.bar” control panel.

Do I add “foo.bar” as an additional domain by clicking “Add Domain” in “Manage Domains,” then (on same page) set up a redirect to “new.bar?” Does it cost extra to “Fully Host” a domain redirect?

Do I then instruct Network Solutions to point “foo.bar” to DreamHost nameservers accessed via the “DNS” link under my “new.bar” domain name in “Manage Domains?” Have I asked all of the questions that I should? Thanks for advice!


Foo.bar doesn’t need full hosting, just add a redirect in the dreamhost panel. foo.bar to new.bar then change the nameservers at networksolutions to dreamhost.

Remember that changing nameservers (and other DNS changes) does not bring you instant joy. DNS changes normally occur in 12-24 hours but could take up to 72 hours worldwide. This is not within dreamhost or network solutions control, it’s just how DNS works, the word is propagation.