Old Conform backups

This is a bit of weird request, didn’t really know where to go in terms of support or asking around but…

I used to be part of suffocate.org, a semi-regular artproject about 4 years ago. I ran a side-project called Conform, that was kind of like broken telephone with images. I can’t find a backup of my site anywhere and am looking for some help. The registartion on the domain expired and c3dric, who hosted the suffocate stuff, disappeared off my radar.

I doubt anyone has a backup around, but I thought it was possible dreamhost may have old backups kicking around. It was the early days, I know c3dric ended up on the newdream crew, so I figure someone may have backed up suffocate somewhere. Or there’s the off-chance that cedric’s account wasn’t deleted and the stuff may still be floating around on a server.

I have the first two series and half of the third one that we did for conform, I found one backup cd. I lost the third site-design and fourth series though. If anyone has any info or remembers the site, drop me a line.