Okay, FTP Help

I think I screwed up something that was simple. First time doing this. I registered a a week ago and everything looks good on the Dream Host side I was using Xara web designer and it gave me the option to publish my site through there and so I entered the information

copy paste sorry

It looked like that…

only in the sub folder I didn’t put anything. I was using the grumium.dreamhost.com with net2ftp and I don’t think it put the files where they needed to be. They just went on the site and so when nothing happened I tried to delete everything and try again, but for some reason I think I’m uploading to a root directory, and may have accidentally deleted the directory i needed to upload too. the Net2FTP file stuff looks different than when it did the first time I logged into it as well it showed the folders the first time and now it shows a top to bottom file structure.

So now I have uploaded files all over the place and the directory that I’m looking for is not there and so I guess I need to start over. How do i do that. And using the XARA window up there what should I do with the sub folder. Do I use that box to point the files? Into what folder?

Is it okay if I just delete everything I have uploaded now and begin again or did I delete something I shouldn’t have.

Kinda lost.

my domain should be huntersmoonmedia.com